Everybody Hoops but me…Is now up on kickstarter


And we are live!

The Kickstarter has begun.  Please check it out at the link above and if you believe in this work, please help get the word out.   Please Copy this above link and Social Share on all of your sites.  Let’s get this baby going.

A New Beginning

I feel as though my art career is going through a great birth!  With this birth is coming the birth of my very first Children’s Story with Mother Heron as the author, Everybody Hoops but me…

Stay tuned for the next thing I post will be details on the kickstarter which has just been approved for launch!!  I am hoping to raise $6,000 for the printing of 1,500 copies of the story in Paperback form.   I also have this pipe dream of a push goal if we reach the first $6,000 of putting together funds for a book tour in the US and possibly to other countries to share the story, my art, do live painting, and get everybody hooping!

Thank you soooooo much for tuning in!  There are many exciting things to come, I promise.

Anna Todaro and Everybody Hoops but me...

Gerard the Fireman and His Team of FireFighters all came to my studio to get their picture taken with my book (and to inspect). Gerard left with a copy of my story, how awesome!