fragile little scene

fragile little scene

Captured this moment during the Figment art fest at the Garfield Park conservatory last weekend. What a magical moment and I just wanted to share it with you. There was a beautiful sunset, a drum circle, fire dancers, that patch of light green kinda in the middle of the image is Ms Anna’s painting of a landscape, painted during the show. This picture taken just after an amazing performance by Khari Lemuel, in this picture are also amazing Chicago talents Joshua Gunty, Kiara Lanier, and not pictured, but standing by Kiara, Abraham Mellish. It was just a really interesting and beautiful moment, being there with these hard working, talented folks and realizing what a gift it is for anyone who will come, how fragile mom and pop shops, local unsponsered talents, diy crafters and the like are. Here in this moment, surrounded by the conservatory, surrounded by a more often than not violent city, filled with gangs and mafia, corrupt politicians and misguided or unguided youth, surrounded by bustling suburbs, surrounded by industrial cornfields…….. and every once in a while, in the mix, a group of angels like this. What a delicate gift was this moment and I thought I would share it with you all.


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