Anna Todaro and Everybody Hoops but me...

Gerard the Fireman and His Team of FireFighters all came to my studio to get their picture taken with my book (and to inspect). Gerard left with a copy of my story, how awesome!

Anna’s Biography

Born in Chicago and raised in Chicago’s western suburbs, Anna has always had an unusually over active imagination and an even more oversized heart.

Anna graduated with her BFA from Northern Illinois University in 2004, where she had also spent a semester studying on a scholarship to attend the Lorenzo Di Medici Academy in Florence, Italy.

Since 2004, Anna has been creating and showing work and has been exhibited in hundreds of shows including shows in Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, and many more.   Anna also most recently completed at 40′ X 15′ temporary mural installation at Chicago’s Navy Pier.   Anna also was honored with the Best in Show award for the 2011 Bucktown Art Festival in Chicago as well as Best of Painting for the 2011 Racine, WI Art Fair on the Square.

Anna started writing and illustrating Everybody Hoops but me for Mother Heron in late 2012 and has plans to finish many more stories soon.

Who is Mother Heron?

Mother Heron is less an actual person or bird and more of a spirit or personality, though she is portrayed as a bird in Ms Anna’s work.   With the skill of a Heron, she represents patience and compassion for fostering the greatest good in anyone.

This Heron, pictured outside of Ms Anna's aunt's window, wandered close to the house before turning to fly away of the bay, the day Jimella passed away.  As it turned, there was a twinkle near it's eye.

This Heron, pictured outside of Ms Anna’s aunt’s window, wandered close to the house before turning to fly away over the bay, the day Jimella passed away. As it turned, there was a twinkle near it’s eye.

The original inspiration for Mother Heron comes from a series of encounters Ms Anna has had with Herons over the last decade most closely associated with visits to her Aunt Jimellas magical home in Oysterville, WA.  This image is the final visit of Heron to Jimella’s home seen standing before flying out over the bay, the morning Jimella passed away.

Ms Anna’s next story, The Little Book of Laughing, will be dedicated to Jimella.






Anna Todaro Art Resume 2014

Currently on Display

Pilsen Outpost, 2014, Chicago, IL

WolfBait and B Side Girls, 2014, Chicago, IL

One Strange Bird, 2014, Chicago, IL

Kismet, 2014, Lake Geneva, WI

Sacred Art, 2014, Chicago, IL

Wholly Craft, 2014, Cleveland, OH

Sparrow Collective, 2014, Milwaukee, WI

Local Goods Chicago, 2014, Chicago, IL

Space Montrose, 2014, Houston, TX

Selected Solo Shows

Navy Pier, Live Paint and Temporary Mural for The Art of Gardening, 2013, Chicago, IL

Art on the Prairie, Live Paint Exhibition, 2013, Warrenville, IL

Local Goods Chicago, 2013, Edgebrook, IL

Savvy Coif, A Day in Avondale, 2013, Chicago, IL

Chicago Arts District, Monthly Open Studio, 2012, 2013, 2014, Chicago, IL

Inkling, 2012, Chicago, IL

Sparrow Collective, 2012, Milwaukee, WI

One Strange Bird, 2012, Chicago, IL

Temple Synphorium, 2012, Chicago, IL

Errata Gallery, 2011, Portland, OR

Lunar Boy Gallery, 2010, Astoria, Oregon

Selected Group Shows and Juried Exhibitions

Atomic Sketch Panelist, Green Eye Lounge, 2013, 2012, Chicago, IL

Cafe Jackelope. 2013, Chicago, IL

Letters to LilyPad, Cobalt Studio, 2013, Chicago, IL

Easter Seals and Rotary Chicago Holiday Party, Live Paint, 2013, Chicago, IL

Chirp Radio, Live Painting to Benefit Chirp Radio at Plumbers Hall, 2013, Chicago, IL

Brave Art Live Paint, Beauty Bar, 2013, Chicago, IL

Lacuna Artists Lofts Group Show, 2013, Chicago, IL

Both Sides Art curated by Cristy Corso, 2013, Chicago, IL

Club Divine, Bodhi Spiritual Center, 2012, 2013, Chicago, IL

Chi Ka Go, Yoga Now Chicago, 2011, 2012, 2013, Chicago, IL

Figment Art Festival, Garfield Park Conservatory, 2013, Chicago, IL

The Gates of Paradise, 2013, Chicago, IL

Glenwood Ave Arts Fest, 2011, 2012, 2013, Chicago, IL

Custer Art Fair, 2011, 2012, 2013, Evanston, IL

Renegade Craft Fair, 2012, 2013, Chicago, IL

Bash on Wabash Live Paint, 2013, Chicago, IL

Renegade Craft Fair, 2012, Austin, TX

Renegade Craft Fair, 2012, San Francisco, CA

Urban Craft Uprising, 2011, 2012, Seattle, WA

Art vs Craft, 2011, 2012, Milwaukee, WI

Gallery 1988, 2012, Los Angeles, CA

Gallery 1988, 2012, Venice, CA

Pitchfork Music Festival, 2012, Chicago, IL

Bucktown Art Fest, 2011, 2012, Chicago, IL

Do Division, 2011, 2012, Chicago, IL

Galena Country Fair, 2011, 2012, Galena, IL

Burning Man DeKomp, Bridgeport Art Center, 2012, Chicago, IL

Sugar Art Fashion Show, Zhou B Art Center, 2012, Chicago, IL

50/50 Pilsen Group Show, 2011, 2012, Chicago, IL

Goat Party Fundraiser, Jackson Junge Gallery, 2012, Chicago, IL

One of a Kind Art Show, The Chicago Merchandise Mart, 2011, Chicago, IL

Oh No Doom! 2011, Chicago, IL

DIY Trunk Show, 2011, 2012, Chicago, IL

Constructor Fair, 2012, Berwyn, IL

Evanston Fountain Square, 2011, Evanston, IL

Racine Monument Square Art Fair, 2011, 2012, Racine, WI

Deer Path Art League Fair on the Square, 2011, Lake Forest, IL

Crafty Wonderland, 2010, 2011, 2012, Portland, OR

The Hive Gallery, 2009, 2010, 2011, Los Angeles, CA

Keep A Breast Paint a Skate Deck, Zumi’s Skate Event, 2010, Portland, OR

The Manor of Art, 2010, Portland, OR

Awards and Commissions

Navy Pier Temporary Mural Commission, 2013, Chicago, IL

Warrenville Live Painting Commission, 2013, Warrenville, IL

Bloomingdale Artists Association Guest Artist Talk and Demonstration, 2013, Bloomingdale, IL

Guest Assistant Teacher of Drawing, The Orphanage, 2013, Chicago, IL

One Strange Bird Guest Artist Talk and Demonstration, 2012, Chicago, IL

Best of Show in Painting, Bucktown Arts Festival, 2011, Chicago, IL

Best in Painting, Racine Monument Art Fair on the Square. 2011, Racine, WI

Best of Show, Art and Wine Art Fest, 2011, Carbondale, IL

Northern Illinois University Academic Study Abroad Scholarship, 2001, DeKalb, IL

RISD Outstanding Senior Recognition Award, Addison Trail High School, 2000, Addison, IL

Outstanding Senior in Music, Addison Trail High School, 2000, Addison, IL

Co-Best Thespian with Cary Collins and Nick Utech, Addison Trail High School, 2000, Addison, IL

Permanent Public and Private Art Collections on Display

Warrenville Park District Recreation Center, Warrenville, IL

The Tin Shed, Portland, OR

The Goodfoot, Portland, OR


Cover Art, New Connexions, January/February 2014 Issue, Pacific Northwest

Everybody Hoops but me, self published children’s story, 2013, Chicago, IL

Endrighor interior artwork for Allen Turner, 2013, Chicago, IL

Cover Art, 2013 Portland Goddess Calendar, 2013, Portland, OR

Poster Art for Urban Craft Uprising, also featured in the Seattle Weekly, 2012, Seattle, WA

Todaro’s paintings look good enough to eat with her incredible use of candy-like colors. There is something truly fun and sultry in her heavily decorated sugar plum fairy characters

-Megan Boyd, LA Art Examiner, 2010

Current Memberships

Chicago Artists Coalition, 2013, 2014

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, 2013, 2014

Greenbox Art and Design, 2012, 2013, 2014

Society 6, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Chicago Arts District, 2012, 2013, 2014


Northern Illinois University, BFA Painting, 2004, DeKalb, IL

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Summer Intensive, 2002, Chicago, IL

Lorenzo Di Medici, The Art Institute of Florence Italy, 2001, Florence, Italy





Inside of Jimella's magical and warm home there were many tributes to nature, Herons, and other wildlife from the Bay.

Inside of Jimella’s magical and warm home there were many tributes to nature, Herons, and other wildlife from the Bay.


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