Rivendell Apiaries Artwork by Ms Anna

I am so honored to have gotten to work with Ryan on this project.   Watch this video to see a 30 second stop animation of Ms Anna creating the beautiful hive painting.   Though it wasn’t planned, Ms Anna’s Mother Heron totem makes an appearance at the beginning of the video.      Please watch the whole video to see and hear about Ryan’s work to create natural homes for Honey Bees throughout the Chicagoland area.    While his project received full funding in just a few days of his kickstarter, Ryan can use more funding for even bigger visions for the bees.  Some of his visions include an official bee park and garden within the city.   More of his kickstarter can be found online https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ryanfalenlee/rivendell-apiaries

Art and Yoga Retreat from One Strange Bird

Such an awesome group including Nicole Northway, Alee Hoffman, Lauren Feece, and Ms Anna

Such an awesome group including Nicole Northway, Alee Hoffman, Lauren Feece, and Ms Anna


My painting; I went way out there, painting with my hands, using pencil and black paint!

This was just an awesome day of getting to know some of my fellow artists in Chicago, doing yoga, meditating, and taking risks with paint. This workshop took place in Nicole Northways new storefront on division, the super whimsical, local, and eclectic One Strange Bird http://www.onestrangebird.com/

Chicago She Art Pinterest Board

Chicago She Art Pinterest Board

I made this pinterest board of some of my favorite Chicago ladie’s art.   Enjoy!   All are DIY hard working start up types.   And shares or support or likes on any of their pages makes a world of difference.

Anahata Katkin

A lot of my family is all from Southern Oregon, a lot of them from this lovely little town in Southern Oregon called Ashland.     Located just off of Lithia park (don’t drink the water) is a super sweet little boutique home to one of the ladies who inspires me and my work so much, Anahata Katkin.     Anahata and her mother Gina own an amazing company called PAPAYA!       I was just drooling over their page when I found this mission statement on their about page.    I totally agree 100%, Creative Abandon man.

Creative Abandon