The Hatchi Catchi Wu, A Mother Heron story, by Ms Anna

“Somewhere on a moon, far far away,
A maker there was, named Hatchi who broke
and sadly now no nim could make!”
 – from the book of the nims
Somewhere in space, not on a planet but a moon, the tiniest moon,
under layers of ice, under lots of water, is the home of the Hatchi Catchi Wu.
The Hatchi Catchi Wu is a worker, a very hard worker,
He works so hard he has eight arms and eight hands,
four legs, four feet, seven eyes, eight ears, two hearts,
no mouth,
and one very small brain.
The Hatchi Catchi Wu is working,
he is building whoosits and whats for the little nims.
The nims are inventors and thinkers and dreamers and
the nims may be quite clever,
but the nims have no arms and the nims have no legs
and the nims only see their world through
one small eye.
But what an eye they have, for dreaming all the time,
but with no arms and with no legs and being mostly a mind,
a perfect friend under this deep blue sea was one of Hatchi’s kind.
And make the Hatchi did, all night and all day
because that’s all that he knew,
having a very small brain.
Sadly, once upon a time,
the Hatchi Catchi Wu started slowing down
and soon there formed a line!
The longer the line, the longer the wait
and it wasn’t very long before the mighty Hatchi Catchi Wu would break!
Not only was Hatchi broken, he was sad,
for no one could make.
Everyone was cold and hungry and tired and sad.
In fact, it got so bad, that it wasn’t very long before the very meanest of the nims got mad.
He would yell and he would scream, and still the helpless Hatchi Catchi Wu could not build a thing.
Then out from the line a group of hungry nims cried
And no matter their frowns and no matter their tears
The helpless Hatchi lay broken, fulfilling their fears.
If the nims had fingers, they could point them at one to blame,
but even this knowing would not change a thing.
The nims couldn’t be mad, the couldn’t sit and cry,
they had no one to blame as they sifted side by side.
Then out from the line came the smallest nim’s voice
and this group of great thinkers was left little choice
but to listen.
And the little nim spoke very loud and she spoke from her heart,
“I don’t want any more things, I just want the Hatchi to re-start.”
And then out from the line came the very wisest of the wise nims who spoke,
“Perhaps the key to fixing Hatchi is to take a look at how he broke.”
“It seems we nims were busy making things all for ourselves,
and the Hatchi Catchi Wu was busy stocking all of our shelves,
but in all of this making, we nims took no time
to make sure that the Hatchi was healthy and fine
and now, he’s broken.”
“Eureka!  I think I know how to fix him!
Come one nim, come all nims, come out of that line,
let’s all surround Hatchi and I’ll share my great design.
It seems Hatchi doesn’t KNOW he’s tired,
let’s ask for him to go to sleep.”
And after a few hours of resting, Hatchi’s two hearts began to re-beat.
“It seems the Hatchi doesn’t KNOW he’s thirsty, in this great ocean,
let’s ask for him to drink!”
And through his eyes he was refreshed and all seven began to blink.
“It seems the Hatchi doesn’t KNOW his arms and legs are overworked,
let’s devise a plan for them so they don’t get any worse!”
And with each knew way the nims cared for him,
Hatchi would show new signs of life.
And before too long Hatchi was working again
to the little nims’ delight.
And from that time, it’s been centuries,
The Hatchi Catchi Wu can make anything,
but as he does, there is a new nim decree,
that the Hatchi  must not be overworked and
must be kept healthy.
And from that time, the Hatchi happily makes
And taken care of propper,
He never again did break.
-The End-