Lemon’s Don’t Grow on Trees

This poem is about suspending  disbelief.

Lemons Don’t Grow on Trees

Lemon’s don’t grow on trees,

They come from a screen.

They’re pretty nice to SEE and to SQUEEZE into juice from a box,

But grown on a tree, oh please, that’s something I’ve NEVER seen,

A lemon on a tree.

That’s like building a house for a 20 foot mouse

Who lives high in the sky on a sign that lights up at night,

you can see him from my front porch.

That’s like thinking the stars are somewhere off far,

When they are where we are, I’m telling you I’ve seen it,

Looking down from a plane, these streets, they sparkle the same.

That’s like selling the air, without having a care,

for the birds and the trees and the sun and the breeze,

And I’m walking around, looking up, counting clouds,

And I sit down to think, when I got BONKED 

by     a                  b i n k

It was a lemon,


from a tree.

-Ms Anna