Deanie (26 months) reading our book!

My sweet little nephew Deanie, the one who at 3 months old helped me write both SillyFace and The Little Book of Laughing, is now 2 years old and reading beautifully from SillyFace!   (I think he’s a pretty good performer too!)  Too cute.  Oh My Goodness~~ Once again, to purchase your own copy, please visit

SillyFace PreSales are Now Open

Oh My Goodness!!

PreSales are available on my website here

They sell for $15 each which includes free shipping within the United States.

The book is 6″ X 6″ and is in sturdy board book format.

The book is for babies ages 0-3.

The story includes 7 sets of regular and silly faces, “Red face anyplace, but can she make a SillyFace?” One set is for each color of the rainbow.  “Oh my goodness.”   The story ends with a final set, “Your face anyplace, but can YOU make a SillyFace.” Upon turning the last page, a sticker mirror is revealed, “Ok, let’s see it.”

This is Ms Anna’s 2nd self published book.  The official release will be at the DIY Trunk Show at the Chicago Armory on November 22nd.   PreSale copies will be delivered in time for the holidays.   There are only 500 copies available and a large portion have already sold in PreSales.  Reserve yours today.  Thank you.

SillyFace Pre Sale Art Opening

Art Opening and PreSale Party

My second book is almost here and to celebrate, I am having a pre-sale book party during the second friday art walk in my studio.    Come for face painting (all ages welcome), art, prints, and to be among the first to see what I’ve been working so hard on.   The official release will be on November 22nd in my booth at the DIY Trunk show in Chicago.

PreSale Party

Friday, October 10th, 6-10pm

Saturday, October 11th, 11am-7pm

1932 S Halsted 4th Floor, Chicago, IL

Facebook Event 


Walking with Heart

Walking with Heart is no easy thing, it becomes easy to trip over things,

To knock, to bop, to tip to spill,

It’s never been easy, it’s not easy still,

But each time Lovey stumbled, her mom chimed, “No big deal.”

“As you know Lovey, as I’ve said from the start,

It’s very important to learn to Walk with Heart.”


And so outside Lovey went, into the great unknown,

Her heart wide open, her new birdfeet shown,

With every step, spaced not far apart,

Imprinted was left, little birdfeet with a heart,

And how little Lovey loved walking up the street,

Because everywhere she went, she printed birdfeet.


– from Lovey and the Grouch

A Mother Heron Story by Ms Anna


Lovey and the Grouch is a story about a young Possum named Lovey who receives a pair of birdfeet for her Birthday.  Because of they way they print hearts when Lovey walks, she calls them the “walk with hearts.”    But what happens when Lovey’s new birdfeet are stollen during show and tell in Ms Mayhem’s class?   Will Lovey blame her enemy the Grouch?  Will she go home and cry and plot revenge?  Stay tuned and see!  This and many other Mother Heron stories by Ms Anna are in the works.

The Little Book of Laughing

This Poem was Written the First Time I was Left to Babysit for my 3 Month old Nephew Dean.

(He was a big Help in it’s Creation)

It is intended to be a board book for babies 0-3.

The Little Book of Laughing

by Ms Anna

If you start laughing, I’ll start laughing too,

And I’ll bet…

The little CAT will start laughing too,

“Mew Mew, Mew Mew”

If I start laughing, the little cat laughs too,

And I’ll bet…

The GOLDFISH will start laughing too,

“Gloob Gloob, Gloob Gloob.”

If the little cat starts laughing, the goldfish laughs too,

And I’ll bet…

The HUMMINGBIRD will start laughing too,

“Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom.”

If the goldfish starts laughing, the hummingbird laughs too,

And I’ll bet…

The BIG TREE will start laughing too,

“Swoosh Swoosh, Swoosh Swoosh.”

If the hummingbird starts laughing, the big tree laughs too,

And I’ll bet…

The LITTLE BOYS will start laughing too,

“Hoot Hoot, Hoot Hoot.”

If the big tree starts laughing, the little boys laugh too,

And I’ll bet…

The FLOWERS will start laughing too,

“Bloom Bloom, Bloom Bloom.”

If the little boys start laughing, the flowers laugh too,

And I’ll bet…

The LITTLE GIRLS will start laughing too,

“Coo Coo, Coo Coo.”

Now we ALL are laughing and the moon is laughing too,

And when we think of who to thank, we all will turn to YOU,

“Thank You, Thank You.”

(This poem is dedicated to Jimella Lucas Todaro.)

Inside of Jimella's magical and warm home there were many tributes to nature, Herons, and other wildlife from the Bay.

Inside of Jimella’s magical and warm home there were many tributes to nature, Herons, and other wildlife from the Bay.