Project Silly is taking over S Halsted


The 1800 block of South Halsted Street will be taken over for the months of May and June by Project Silly. Project Silly is an art installation by Chicago Artist, Face Painter, and Self Published children’s story author Anna Todaro (ms Anna).

On display will be over 45 18″ X 18″ photographs and paintings of Chicago residents, most of whom attended the April 2015 Second Friday Artwalk. with painted faces making Silly Faces.

In the main showPod at 1843 S Halsted, on both May 8th and June 12th, ms Anna will be offering facepainting for all ages for anyone else who would like to come by to be a part of #projectsilly. Ms Anna will also have original paintings, prints, and copies of her newest board book, SillyFace, available for purchase.

“I love how everyone, every age, color, and shape, is a perfect canvas for face painting. I think that most people, when they think of the south side of Chicago, they forget about the everyday community, the smiling faces, the peace keepers, the moms and grandmothers, the gardens, and the laughter. I really believe in the love that is here in my community and I hope that my art installation will help shine some light on that.” -ms Anna

To view more of ms Anna’s work, please visit her on social media:

— with Alena Delacruz and Deanna Seglem at Chicago Arts District.

SillyFace PreSales are Now Open

Oh My Goodness!!

PreSales are available on my website here

They sell for $15 each which includes free shipping within the United States.

The book is 6″ X 6″ and is in sturdy board book format.

The book is for babies ages 0-3.

The story includes 7 sets of regular and silly faces, “Red face anyplace, but can she make a SillyFace?” One set is for each color of the rainbow.  “Oh my goodness.”   The story ends with a final set, “Your face anyplace, but can YOU make a SillyFace.” Upon turning the last page, a sticker mirror is revealed, “Ok, let’s see it.”

This is Ms Anna’s 2nd self published book.  The official release will be at the DIY Trunk Show at the Chicago Armory on November 22nd.   PreSale copies will be delivered in time for the holidays.   There are only 500 copies available and a large portion have already sold in PreSales.  Reserve yours today.  Thank you.

SillyFace Pre Sale Art Opening

Art Opening and PreSale Party

My second book is almost here and to celebrate, I am having a pre-sale book party during the second friday art walk in my studio.    Come for face painting (all ages welcome), art, prints, and to be among the first to see what I’ve been working so hard on.   The official release will be on November 22nd in my booth at the DIY Trunk show in Chicago.

PreSale Party

Friday, October 10th, 6-10pm

Saturday, October 11th, 11am-7pm

1932 S Halsted 4th Floor, Chicago, IL

Facebook Event 


Facepainting from Do Division last weekend

I painted well over 200 faces during the three day festival, not to mention the 60 faces I painted the thursday night before at a design office party.  It was a lot of work but it was worth it.  I also got a few young art collectors out of the deal as two young girls came to raid my $5 sketch pile.  I also sold several copies of Everybody Hoops but me.  What a weekend.

What’s Blooming on Harrison this weekend in Oak Park

What's-Blooming-Logo (1)

This Saturday from 10am to 8pm in Oak Park on Harrison, just west of Austin, I will be out with my facepainting cart and copies of my book.  I am in space #35 on the south side of Harrison.   I have been pretty busy this week with the artwalk and face painting at One Strange Bird on Division.  Below are a few of the photos. I really with I had more of the kids… I painted nearly 100 faces at One Strange Bird on Saturday (not to mention my new sun tan.)    I am really looking forward to seeing everyone who comes out in Oak Park.

Making a Magical Facepainting Chair from Scratch

             For fair season this year, I really wanted to try something different for my booth.  When I found this old chair backed shaped shelf with stars on it at the thrift store, I decided to see if there was a way to turn it into a Magical Facepaint Chair.   With the help of Craigslist, I found a perfect 30″ stool base (which no one else wanted because the color was so odd).   With the help of my sister in law Jennie (a structural engineer of all things) and my nephew Dean Everett, we were able to create a Magical Facepaint chair from scratch (which also swivels).

Stay tuned for facepainting with ms Anna this summer at fairs, special events, and private birthday parties.  For more information on hiring ms Anna for your event, please check out  Summer season weekends are almost completely booked and weekdays are filling up fast.   Please message for availability right away.

I make designs for boys and girls (all ages welcome).  Everything from fairy princesses, butterflies and pandas to pirates, aliens and dragons.  I am also pretty good with funny mustaches.   For parties and events, I can create custom designs based on your theme and color scheme.   At a standard 1.5 hour birthday party, I can paint 18 full faces (as seen on my postcard).  All paint is professional grade, coconut based body paint.

Jimella’s Heron in my Studio

Jimella’s Heron Flys in the Eastern Window of my Pilsen Studio. Handmade by an artisan from Washington State, this bird has a twin who shared a space for years over Willapa Bay at The Ark Restaurant. After the Ark was sold in 2004, this Heron moved to Jimella’s home where it warmed the room with her Earth Stove, overseeing many nights of wood, sage and cedar burning by bookside with Black Bear, Coyote, Deer, Heron, Owl onlookers from the forest. This Heron flew above her through her transition. This Heron then got on a plane with ms Anna and flew all the way to Chicago where it now hangs in Pilsen.

Getting my facepaint board ready to head of to the Rolling For James fundraiser in Niles.

The Little Book of Laughing

This Poem was Written the First Time I was Left to Babysit for my 3 Month old Nephew Dean.

(He was a big Help in it’s Creation)

It is intended to be a board book for babies 0-3.

The Little Book of Laughing

by Ms Anna

If you start laughing, I’ll start laughing too,

And I’ll bet…

The little CAT will start laughing too,

“Mew Mew, Mew Mew”

If I start laughing, the little cat laughs too,

And I’ll bet…

The GOLDFISH will start laughing too,

“Gloob Gloob, Gloob Gloob.”

If the little cat starts laughing, the goldfish laughs too,

And I’ll bet…

The HUMMINGBIRD will start laughing too,

“Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom.”

If the goldfish starts laughing, the hummingbird laughs too,

And I’ll bet…

The BIG TREE will start laughing too,

“Swoosh Swoosh, Swoosh Swoosh.”

If the hummingbird starts laughing, the big tree laughs too,

And I’ll bet…

The LITTLE BOYS will start laughing too,

“Hoot Hoot, Hoot Hoot.”

If the big tree starts laughing, the little boys laugh too,

And I’ll bet…

The FLOWERS will start laughing too,

“Bloom Bloom, Bloom Bloom.”

If the little boys start laughing, the flowers laugh too,

And I’ll bet…

The LITTLE GIRLS will start laughing too,

“Coo Coo, Coo Coo.”

Now we ALL are laughing and the moon is laughing too,

And when we think of who to thank, we all will turn to YOU,

“Thank You, Thank You.”

(This poem is dedicated to Jimella Lucas Todaro.)

Inside of Jimella's magical and warm home there were many tributes to nature, Herons, and other wildlife from the Bay.

Inside of Jimella’s magical and warm home there were many tributes to nature, Herons, and other wildlife from the Bay.

Rolling For James

My art board made especially for James for his fundraiser to raise money for his family to buy him a roll in van and shower.   We had a great time, I probably painted 50 or 60 full faces.   Lots of Monkeys and Kitties and odd Mustaches.   Please check out more about James and, if you can, help support him and his family

My art board made especially for James for his fundraiser to raise money for his family to buy him a roll in van and shower. We had a great time, I probably painted 50 or 60 full faces. Lots of Monkeys and Kitties and odd Mustaches. Please check out more about James and, if you can, help support him and his family

The Hatchi Catchi Wu, A Mother Heron story, by Ms Anna

“Somewhere on a moon, far far away,
A maker there was, named Hatchi who broke
and sadly now no nim could make!”
 – from the book of the nims
Somewhere in space, not on a planet but a moon, the tiniest moon,
under layers of ice, under lots of water, is the home of the Hatchi Catchi Wu.
The Hatchi Catchi Wu is a worker, a very hard worker,
He works so hard he has eight arms and eight hands,
four legs, four feet, seven eyes, eight ears, two hearts,
no mouth,
and one very small brain.
The Hatchi Catchi Wu is working,
he is building whoosits and whats for the little nims.
The nims are inventors and thinkers and dreamers and
the nims may be quite clever,
but the nims have no arms and the nims have no legs
and the nims only see their world through
one small eye.
But what an eye they have, for dreaming all the time,
but with no arms and with no legs and being mostly a mind,
a perfect friend under this deep blue sea was one of Hatchi’s kind.
And make the Hatchi did, all night and all day
because that’s all that he knew,
having a very small brain.
Sadly, once upon a time,
the Hatchi Catchi Wu started slowing down
and soon there formed a line!
The longer the line, the longer the wait
and it wasn’t very long before the mighty Hatchi Catchi Wu would break!
Not only was Hatchi broken, he was sad,
for no one could make.
Everyone was cold and hungry and tired and sad.
In fact, it got so bad, that it wasn’t very long before the very meanest of the nims got mad.
He would yell and he would scream, and still the helpless Hatchi Catchi Wu could not build a thing.
Then out from the line a group of hungry nims cried
And no matter their frowns and no matter their tears
The helpless Hatchi lay broken, fulfilling their fears.
If the nims had fingers, they could point them at one to blame,
but even this knowing would not change a thing.
The nims couldn’t be mad, the couldn’t sit and cry,
they had no one to blame as they sifted side by side.
Then out from the line came the smallest nim’s voice
and this group of great thinkers was left little choice
but to listen.
And the little nim spoke very loud and she spoke from her heart,
“I don’t want any more things, I just want the Hatchi to re-start.”
And then out from the line came the very wisest of the wise nims who spoke,
“Perhaps the key to fixing Hatchi is to take a look at how he broke.”
“It seems we nims were busy making things all for ourselves,
and the Hatchi Catchi Wu was busy stocking all of our shelves,
but in all of this making, we nims took no time
to make sure that the Hatchi was healthy and fine
and now, he’s broken.”
“Eureka!  I think I know how to fix him!
Come one nim, come all nims, come out of that line,
let’s all surround Hatchi and I’ll share my great design.
It seems Hatchi doesn’t KNOW he’s tired,
let’s ask for him to go to sleep.”
And after a few hours of resting, Hatchi’s two hearts began to re-beat.
“It seems the Hatchi doesn’t KNOW he’s thirsty, in this great ocean,
let’s ask for him to drink!”
And through his eyes he was refreshed and all seven began to blink.
“It seems the Hatchi doesn’t KNOW his arms and legs are overworked,
let’s devise a plan for them so they don’t get any worse!”
And with each knew way the nims cared for him,
Hatchi would show new signs of life.
And before too long Hatchi was working again
to the little nims’ delight.
And from that time, it’s been centuries,
The Hatchi Catchi Wu can make anything,
but as he does, there is a new nim decree,
that the Hatchi  must not be overworked and
must be kept healthy.
And from that time, the Hatchi happily makes
And taken care of propper,
He never again did break.
-The End-